Sr. Beatrice Flickinger 2001


Sister Beatrice Flickinger, 1908-2001Born July 30, 1908, Wimbledon, N. DakotaEntered St. Walburg Monastery, December 8, 1926First Profession August 24, 1928Died July 18, 2001Sr. Beatrice was the second oldest of four children. Hers was a farm family and the family moved to Webster, Wisconsin where Sr. Beatrice's father died of cancer in 1920. Mrs. Flickinger moved her children back to her native Kentucky. The oldest daughter Marie entered St. Walburg and became Sr. Celine. Loretta followed one year later and became Sr. Beatrice.Sr. Beatrice worked in the kitchen at Villa Madonna Academy from 1926 to 1987 with the exception of one year [...]

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Sr. Alice McAvoy 2001


Sister Alice McAvoy, 1906-2001Born August 4, 1906, Cincinnati, OhioEntered St. Walburg Monastery, October 28, 1934First Profession August 14, 1936Died June 6, 2001Sr. Alice was the second youngest of four daughters and a resident of Price Hill until her entrance into St. Walburg Monastery. According to those who were with her in the novitiate, she presented herself to Mother Lioba that Saturday afternoon, having brought her toothbrush and some handkerchiefs, with words to the effect--if you don't take me now, I won't be back.Sr. Alice came to the community with business experience and she put this to good use when she left [...]

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Sr. Pauline Rice 2001


Sister Pauline Rice, 1925-2001Born March 10, 1925, Covington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, September 8, 1946First Profession, June 29, 1948Died April 10, 2001Sr. Pauline was the seventh of nine children. Early in her childhood her family moved to a large brick home on Beechwood Road in Ft. Mitchell, and the fun-loving brood kept things lively in the neighborhood. Although small in stature, Sr. Pauline excelled in sports and did some coaching. Her sense of humor endeared her to her classmates and many friends. After entering St. Walburg Monastery, Sr. Pauline was sent to teach at St. Therese in Southgate. This was the [...]

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Sr. Felicitas Weberding 2001


Sister Felicitas Weberding, 1903-2001Born March 3, 1903, Covington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, August 2, 1921First Profession June 26, 1923Died April 12, 2001When both her parents died in the flu epidemic of 1906, Sr. Felicitas, her brother and sister were placed in St. John's Orphanage under the care of the Benedictine Sisters. When she was ready to leave the orphanage, Fr. Blees became her guardian and enrolled her at Villa Madonna Academy from which she graduated. At the time of her death she was the oldest living graduate of the Academy.For forty-nine years--1921 until 1970--Sr. Felicitas taught in various schools. After her [...]

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