Sr. Alice McAvoy 2001

Sr. Alice McAvoy 2001

Sister Alice McAvoy, 1906-2001

Born August 4, 1906, Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, October 28, 1934
First Profession August 14, 1936
Died June 6, 2001

Sr. Alice was the second youngest of four daughters and a resident of Price Hill until her entrance into St. Walburg Monastery. According to those who were with her in the novitiate, she presented herself to Mother Lioba that Saturday afternoon, having brought her toothbrush and some handkerchiefs, with words to the effect–if you don’t take me now, I won’t be back.

Sr. Alice came to the community with business experience and she put this to good use when she left the classroom in 1961. From 1961-73 she served as treasurer for the monastery. For a period of time, she also served as director of scholastics. She did the books for Villa Madonna Montessori until 1983.

Until she was confined to her room in the infirmary, Sr. Alice was always a presence in chapel, whether at liturgical celebrations or in private prayer.

Sr. Alice was a quiet reflective person, but she also had a fine sense of humor and enjoyed life. She was close to her sisters during their lives and made frequent visits to their home in Price Hill when she and they were able. Sr. Alice also loved to read. Her poor eyesight in her later years kept her reading to a minimum.

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