Sr. Beatrice Flickinger 2001

Sr. Beatrice Flickinger 2001

Sister Beatrice Flickinger, 1908-2001

Born July 30, 1908, Wimbledon, N. Dakota
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, December 8, 1926
First Profession August 24, 1928
Died July 18, 2001

Sr. Beatrice was the second oldest of four children. Hers was a farm family and the family moved to Webster, Wisconsin where Sr. Beatrice’s father died of cancer in 1920. Mrs. Flickinger moved her children back to her native Kentucky. The oldest daughter Marie entered St. Walburg and became Sr. Celine. Loretta followed one year later and became Sr. Beatrice.

Sr. Beatrice worked in the kitchen at Villa Madonna Academy from 1926 to 1987 with the exception of one year when she served at the monastery. According to Sr. Bea, she worked at VMA from the day after she entered until she retired. Sisters Beatrice and Celine worked together for many of those years at VMA. They were best friends and devoted sisters. The banquets they prepared for the sisters on special occasions were a wonder to behold. Sr. Bea’s special domain was the “icebox.”

A speech impediment did nothing to hamper Sr. Bea’s love for people or the close friendships she formed. A group of young adults from her early years, calling themselves the “Forget-Me-Nots”, continued their association over the years and visited her periodically. A special wit and sense of humor continued into her last days. In her infirmary years she wanted assurance every night from the nurse that she would be awakened in time for prayer the next day.

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