Community life is a priority for Benedictine women.

Living in community forms us, supports us in our search for God, gives us strength and keeps us faithful to the monastic tradition.

At St. Walburg Monastery we are a community of women who pray together, eat together, laugh together and seek God together. We have meetings with the whole community about once a month (time off in the summer!); we experience community retreats together; we make decisions together that affect the whole community; we have parties together. Living together calls us to mutual obedience (RB 71) and to be concerned for the needs of another.

In the Rule Benedict speaks about establishing “a school of the Lord’s service.” Community life at St. Walburg Monastery is such a school. It is the place where we listen to one another and come together to learn about God’s ways with us.

“One of the greatest helps in community is the good example of the sisters. Good example not only helped me but sustained my efforts at conversion. To this day, I am edified, built up and spurred on.” Sr. Geraldine Gajniak.

“I rejoice in all the fun I’ve had with my sisters-celebrations and parties, ball games and card games and just plain silliness. I rejoice equally in the times I’ve been lifted up through an intimate conversation, when we’ve simply shared prayer and life together in small groups; when we’ve had an especially good Eucharist and ended with a hymn that raised the rafters and we just knew our God is with us; when the community is moving a step forward; when I or another of my sisters has celebrated some milestone or has had some success and we give hugs all around.” Sr. Rose Rauen

“I greatly value being bonded with other women who are committed to seeking God in Benedictine monastic life. Sharing prayer, meals, work–the search–with them can be a challenge because we each are a unique person, but the sharing gives such meaning to my own journey along the path to God.” Sr. Ruth Yost

“I value the way we support one another through prayer, work, presence and use of talents. What one lacks, another gives. Good community fosters interdependence.” Sr. Sharon Portwood.

For questions about St. Walburg Monastery please email Sr. Deborah Harmeling