Who are the Benedictine Oblates

Who are the Benedictine Oblates

The Benedictine Oblates of St. Walburg Monastery

Who are the Oblates?

We are Christian men and women of various lifestyles, who are bonded together to “truly seek God” according to the vision of St. Benedict. The Associates began in 1986, in response to the invitation of Benedictine Sisters, exercising their vision of the Gospel message to extend their ministries through lay participation.

What do Oblates Seek?

We seek God through a life based on hospitality, peace, moderation, balance in prayer, work, and play; and meeting God in the ordinariness of our daily life.

What is the Oblates’ Vision?

Our desires, hopes and ideas are found in our Mission Statement.

Benedictine Oblate Coordinating Committee (Left to right): Sr. Mary Tewes, Gail Michalack, Sr. Victoria Eisenman, Mike Page and Laura Flippen-Tenzel.

What do Oblates Do?

We have opportunities throughout the month for sharing, service and celebration with the Sisters and to come together as community. Our commitment is celebrated annually by our Oblation ceremony. Click here to find out about the many activities our associates undertake.

What about You?

Does our lifestyle reflect some of your own ideals and desires? For more information about the Benedictine Oblates program, call Sr. Mary Tewes at 859-331-6324. or email her at marytewes@gmail.com