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The Way of Truth and Life

by: Barbara Woeste As we come to the end of the Easter Season with the Feast of Pentecost, let us pause to reflect on Jesus’ final discourse that is found in the Gospel of John, chapters 14 through 17.  Let us especially look at John 14:6 and following. Jesus says, “I am the way and Read more »

Sr. Nancy Blog – May 15, 2024

by: Sr. Nancy Kordenbrock We are coming to the end of the school year. Some graduations have already taken place and more will be coming in the weeks ahead. We wish the graduates congratulations on all they achieved and wish them well as they move on to college, graduate school, the military or the work Read more »

Who is the Beloved Disciple?

For Lent I read James Martin’s new book Come Forth: the promise of Jesus’ greatest miracle. In it he focuses on Lazarus and Jesus’ raising him from the dead. Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha, appear only in John’s Gospel. And the Beloved Disciple appears only in John’s Gospel. Martin theorizes about Lazarus being Read more »

Coming to Completion

by: Sr. Christa Kreinbrink To accomplish or finish. To bring to completion. The meaning of the word that refers to the last canonical hour of the day, Compline (or Night Prayer). The prayer that assists us in bringing the day to a close. Night Prayer is the mature version of “Now I lay me down Read more »

Open, Come In ?!

by: Sr. Kimberly Porter Recently I came across these two pictures I took on a camping trip several years ago in Tennessee. The angle of the first picture shows the fence as closed, the only way in under or over the rails. The second picture taken a few inches to the side captures the opening. Read more »

Sr. Mary Rabe Blog – March 2024

An acquaintance and his wife took their eight children to their lake cottage.   Everything went well until they were on their way home. One of the children suddenly called out, “Where’s Maria?”  Sure enough, their youngest was not in the vehicle.  They returned quickly to find a safe but crying little girl. Apparently, as they Read more »

Our Baptismal Commitment

by: Sr. Barbara Woeste During the Season of Lent and Easter, it is always good to reflect on our baptism.  Many of us were baptized as infants, some of us have been baptized as adults through the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults. (OCIA, formerly the RCIA) Our baptism is the first sacrament we receive.  Read more »