Sr. Pauline Rice 2001

Sr. Pauline Rice 2001

Sister Pauline Rice, 1925-2001

Born March 10, 1925, Covington, Kentucky
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, September 8, 1946
First Profession, June 29, 1948
Died April 10, 2001

Sr. Pauline was the seventh of nine children. Early in her childhood her family moved to a large brick home on Beechwood Road in Ft. Mitchell, and the fun-loving brood kept things lively in the neighborhood. Although small in stature, Sr. Pauline excelled in sports and did some coaching. Her sense of humor endeared her to her classmates and many friends. After entering St. Walburg Monastery, Sr. Pauline was sent to teach at St. Therese in Southgate. This was the first of forty-one years devoted to Catholic education until she retired from teaching in 1989.

From 1989 on Sr. Pauline was jack-of-all-trades around the monastery. She spent much time in her furniture refinishing area. During the years of renovation, her expert touch with sander and varnish made old furniture look new. Many were the days when she helped in the kitchen as needed. Wherever, she was, she had the great gift of making people laugh and encouraging them to use their own gifts.

When diagnosed with cancer in November, 1999, Sr. Pauline was very optimistic and cheerful. She accepted therapy as long as it helped but she knew when, for her, it was time to stop. She decided to have no more chemo in June, 2000 and with great faith and hope accepted each day as it came. Many sisters and friends came to visit and pray with her at Cottage 7 where she had lived for thirty years and wanted to spend her last days. She was gracious and appreciative even to the hour of death.

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