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Sr. Joann Dziolek 2017


Sister Joann Dziolek, 1934-2017 Born July 11, 1934 in Free Soil, Michigan Entered Our Lady of Sorrows Convent, Tinley Park, Illinois August 22, 1955 Received habit, February 10, 1956 First Profession, February 22, 1957 Transferred profession of stability to St. Walburg Monastery September 29, 1977. Died August 3, 2017 Sister Joann Dziolek, OSB was born on July 11, 1934 in Free Soil, MI to Stanley and Aberdeen Roskoskey Dziolek. Joann was one of five children: two boys, one of whom died shortly after birth, and three girls. Joann played basketball in high school, and took her love of sports with her [...]

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Sr. Xavier Anneken 2017


Sister Xavier Anneken, 1923-2017 Born March 23, 1923 in Latonia, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery December 27, 1946 Received habit, 1947 First Profession, June 29, 1948 Died March 23, 2017           Sister Xavier Anneken, OSB was born to John H. Anneken and Clara Robish Anneken on March 26, 1923 in Latonia KY and given the name Mary Martha Helen at her baptism. To her friends she was always Marcy. She was the sixth of nine children, four boys and five girls—four of whom became Benedictine Sisters—Gemma, Clarita, Juanita and Xavier. She attended Holy Cross School for twelve years and attended [...]

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Sr. Teresa Wolking, 2015


Sister Teresa Wolking, 1919-2015 Born October 11 1919 in Covington, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery August 15, 1937 Received habit, March 21, 1938 First Profession, June 28, 1939 Died August 31, 2015                     Sister Teresa Wolking was born in Covington, KY on October 11, 1919 to Charles F. and Antoinette Mueller Wolking and baptized Margaret Mary. Always known as Peggy, she was the second oldest of six daughters, all of whom became Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery. Mr. & Mrs. Wolking were long-time members of St. Benedict Parish until they moved to Madonna Manor in the 1960’s, close to their [...]

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Sr. Clarita Anneken 2015


Sister Clarita Anneken, 1919-2015 Born January 18, 1919 in Latonia, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery August 15, 1935 Received habit, February 25, 1936 First Profession, June 28, 1937 Died September 8, 2015                    Sister Clarita Anneken, OSB was born to John H. Anneken and Clara Robish Anneken on January 18, 1919 and given the name Dorothy Esther at her baptism. Dorothy was the second oldest of eight children—five girls and three boys—three of whom also became Benedictines, Sisters Gemma, Xavier and Juanita. Dorothy attended Villa Madonna Academy as a prep, then entered St. Walburg Monastery as a postulant on August 15, 1935 [...]

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Sr. Immaculata Campbell 2014


Sister Immaculata Campbell, 1923-2014 Born January 30, 1923 in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery, August 15, 1941 Received habit, June 29, 1942 First Profession, June 30, 1943 Died May 23, 2014             Sister Immaculata Campbell, OSB was born in Ft. Mitchell, KY on January 30, 1923 to James Henry and Eleanor Griffith Campbell and given the name Eleanor at her baptism. She and her twin Patricia were the middle children with an older sister Mary and a younger brother Jim. These siblings preceded her in death; Jim, a Navy pilot, died in WWII. Educated by Benedictine Sisters at Blessed [...]

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Sr. Annita Schirmer 2014


Sister Annita Schirmer, 1926-2014 Born October 12, 1926 in Warsaw, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery September 8, 1944 Received habit, June 27, 1945 First Profession, July 1, 1946 Died December 20, 2014       Sister Annita Schirmer was born to Samuel and Anna Klaren Schirmer on October 12, 1926 and named Mary Ellen when she was baptized at St. Joseph Church in Warsaw, KY. Both parents were natives of Warsaw. In her early years Anna attended Villa Madonna Academy from 1911 to 1918 as a boarding student. Mary Ellen was the oldest of five children—two girls and three boys. Mary Ellen became [...]

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Sr. Betty Cahill 2014


Sister Betty Cahill, 1931-2014 Born July 11, 1931 in Erlanger, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery for the third time, December 8, 1957 Received habit, June 14, 1958 First Profession, August 24, 1959 Died October 23, 2014       Sister Betty Cahill was born to James C. and Georgia Hummel Cahill in Erlanger, KY on July 11, 1931, the feast of St. Benedict. She was given the name Betty Ann at her baptism. Betty was the fourth of six children—four girls and two boys. Each sibling was known by a nickname. The Cahill family has long resided in Erlanger, home of St. Henry Parish [...]

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Sr. Dominic Sullivan 2014


Sister Dominic Sullivan, 1928-2014 Born January 14, 1928 in Ludlow, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery December 27, 1947 Received habit, June 29, 1948 First Profession, June 30 1949 Died November 11, 2014       Sister Dominic Sullivan, OSB was born to James Patrick and Frances Breuer Sullivan on January 14, 1928 and given the name Mary when she was baptized at St. James Church, Ludlow, KY. Mary was the sixth of twelve children—six boys and six girls—two of whom died in infancy. St. James School was staffed by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Two of Mary’s sisters entered this community, Sister [...]

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Sr. Jean Scott 2013


Sister Jean Scott, 1931-2013 Born December 26, 1931, Florence, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, September 4, 1949 Received habit, June 27, 1950 First Profession, August 24, 1951 Died March 7, 2013 Sister Jean Scott, OSB, was born to Aloysius C. and Shirley (Eddins) Scott in Florence, KY on December 26, 1931 and given the name Elizabeth J. at her baptism. Jean was the last of ten children, four girls and six boys, one of whom died in infancy. Having been a prep at Villa Madonna Academy, Jean became a postulant at St. Walburg Monastery on September 4, 1949. Jean began her novice [...]

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Sr. Samuel Azzolina 2013


Sister Samuel Azzolina, 1912-2013 Born April 12, 1912, Mayberry, West VirginiaEntered St. Walburg Monastery, September 15, 1940 Received habit, June 30, 1941 First Profession, July 1, 1942 Died January 15, 2013             Sister Samuel Azzolina, OSB was born to Salvadore and Carmella (Leone) Azzolina in Mayberry, WV on April 12, 1912 and given the name Josephine at her baptism. Immigrants from Sicily, her parents were blessed with five daughters of whom Josephine was second. Tragedy struck in 1923 with the mother’s death. A desperate father received help from a priest friend who directed him to Villa Madonna Academy, a Kentucky boarding [...]

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