Sr. Cecilia Daigle 2018


Sister Cecilia Daigle 1931-2018 Born December 17, 1931 Entered St. Scholastica Priory, Covington, Louisiana August 25, 1948 Received Habit August 17, 1949 Made First Profession January 14, 1951 Transferred Profession of Stability to St. Walburg Monastery August 1, 1992 Died August 8, 2018 Sister Cecilia Daigle was born in New Orleans, LA on December 17, 1931 to Richard and Mary Lamy Daigle and named Claire Ann. She was the fifth of five children, having one brother and three sisters. One sister is still living. Claire attended high school at St. Mary’s Dominican and St. Scholastica Academy, each for two years. After [...]

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St. Helen Hergot 2018


Sister Helen Hergot 1936-2018 Born June 7, 1936 Yosemite, California Entered St. Walburg Monastery August 15, 1954 Received Habit July 2, 1955 Made First Profession August 24, 1956 Died December 27, 2018 Sister Helen Hergott was born in Yosemite, California on June 7, 1936 to H. Stanley and Esther Bramlage Hergott. She was the oldest of three daughters. After the death of her mother, her father married Gabriella Blau, who brought her two sons and one daughter into the joined family. Helen graduated from St. Henry High School in 1954 and entered St. Walburg Monastery that August. She became a novice [...]

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Sr. Esther O’Hara 2018


Sister Esther O'Hara, 1929-2018 Born December 14, 1929 in Covington, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery September 7, 1947 Received habit June 29, 1948 First Profession June 30, 1949 Died January 31, 2018         Sister Esther O’Hara was born on December 14, 1929 to William and Marie Wischer O’Hara and named Laverne. She was one of seven children, having two sisters and four brothers. One sister died as an infant. After graduation from St. Henry High School Laverne entered St. Walburg Monastery in 1947. She became a novice in 1948 and received the name Sister Esther. First profession followed in 1949 and [...]

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Sr. Martha Feder 2018


Sister Martha Feder, 1924-2018 Born February 4, 1924 in Latonia, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery August 15, 1942 Received habit, June 29, 1943 First Profession, June 30, 1944 Died July 14, 2018         Sr. Martha Feder, OSB was born on February 4, 1924 and named Loretta Margaret. She was the third of five children born to Alphous Franklin and Margaret C. Jennings Feder. Her four siblings, two boys and two girls, have predeceased her.      Sr. Martha grew up in Latonia, KY and attended Holy Cross for all twelve grades. She entered St. Walburg Monastery following high school graduation on August 15, [...]

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Sr. Philomena Rarreick 2018


Sister Philomena Rarreick, 1930-2018 Born June 7, 1930 in Falmouth, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery December 8, 1948 Received habit, June 27, 1950 First Profession, August 24, 1951 Died January 16, 2018        Sister Philomena Rarreick was born on June 6, 1930 to Sidney and Laura McElfresh Rarreick near Falmouth, KY. Named Sarretta, she was the youngest of four children. Lavonne and Eupha, her sisters, and Vincent, her brother, are deceased. Sarretta’s mother Laura died in 1935, and all four children lived and were educated at St. John’s Orphanage. Sarretta was baptized there in 1937. She entered St. Walburg Monastery in 1949 [...]

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Sr. Margaret Mary Dressman 2018


Sister Margaret Mary Dressman, 1923-2018 Born December 28, 1923 in Latonia, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery September 8, 1941 Received habit June 29, 1942 First Profession, June 30, 1943 Died April 8, 2018         Sister Margaret Mary Dressman was born on December 29, 1923 to James and Mary Teresa Hoover Dressman. She was one of nine children, having five sisters and three brothers. After graduation from Holy Cross High School, Margaret Mary entered St. Walburg Monastery in 1941. She became a novice in 1942 and received the name Sister Boniface. First profession followed in 1943 and perpetual profession in 1946. Sister [...]

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Sr. Jeanette Frisch 2018


Sister Jeanette Frisch, 1929-2018 Born March 24, 1929 in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery September 8, 1946 Received habit June 28, 1947 First Profession, June 29, 1948 Died June 21, 2018       Sister Jeanette Frisch died June 21, 2018. She was born on March 24, 1929 to John and Selma Cahill Frisch and named Ursula. She was the third of seven children, having four brothers and two sisters, all of whom are deceased. Her sister, Sr. Anne, was a member of the Benedictine community as well as her aunt, Sr. Elizabeth Frisch. After graduation from Villa Madonna Academy Ursula entered St. Walburg Monastery [...]

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