Sr. Mary Anne Wolking 2003

Sr. Mary Anne Wolking 2003

Sister Mary Anne Wolking, 1918-2003

Born March 31, 1918, Covington, Kentucky
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, August 15, 1935
First Profession June 28, 1937
Died July 9, 2003

Sr. Mary Anne was the oldest of five sisters and all became Benedictine sisters of St. Walburg Monastery. Sr. Mary Anne served the Church and community as an elementary and high school teacher from 1941 through 1972. She taught at St. Anthony, Forest Hills, St. James, Brooksville, Villa Madonna Academy, Holy Cross High School and St. Henry High School.

In 1972 Sr. Mary Anne began teaching at Villa Madonna Montessori. She finished her studies for this ministry in 1978 and taught at Villa Madonna Montessori from 1980 until her retirement in 1994.

Sr. Mary Anne was a quiet, thoughtful and strong individual. She felt intensely about many issues but always spoke in a calm reflective manner. She enjoyed intellectual and spiritual challenges as the accompanying quote represents. One of her great enjoyments in life was walking the Cottage 7 dog.

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