Sr. Bernardine Haar 1997


Sister Bernardine Haar, 1918-1997Born Jnauary 7, 1918, New Orleans, LouisianaEntered St. Scholastica Priory, August 6, 1933First Profession August 13, 1934Transfered vows to St. Walburg Monastery, July 11, 1991Died October 14, 1997Sr. Bernardine was the oldest of seven children, five girls and two boys. She entered the community of St. Scholastica Priory when she was 14.Sr. Bernardine spent 40 years in classroom teaching in various schools in Louisiana and Texas and then years in tutoring at St. Scholastica Priory. In addition to teaching she occasionally served as principal, cafeteria manager or organist for children's liturgies. She was a champion jigsaw puzzle worker--the [...]

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Sr. Joanita Wagner 1997


Sister Joanita Wagner, 1897-1997Born March 4, 1897, Osgood, IndianaEntered St. Walburg Monastery, July 1, 1932First Profession August 25, 1934Died march 31, 1997Sr. Joanita Wagner was born in Osgood, Indiana to John and Mary Burkhardt Wagner and given the name Ann Edna. The rural community of St. Joseph Parish in Osgood was close to Sr. Joanita's heart her whole long. Her proficiency in Gregg shorthand and other clerical skills enabled her to find employment at Oskamp Jewelers and Diamond Life Bulletin, both located in Cincinnati. After some years in the business field, she entered St. Walburg Monastery in 1932.Sr. Joanita served as [...]

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Sr. Hildegarde Ricken 1997


Sister Hildegarde Ricken, 1924-1997Born April 13, 1924, Covington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, December 27, 1941First Profession June 30, 1943Died October 5, 1997Sr. Hildegarde was the oldest of her family's five daughters. When she was thirteen, her mother died and her father quickly followed her in death. Sr. Hildegarde had started high school at Villa Madonna Academy as a day student, but when her father died, she became a boarder. The younger children were placed in St. John's Orphanage where the Benedictine Sisters also served.In 1941 Sr. Hildegarde entered St. Walburg monastery. from 1943 to 1952 she served as a housekeeper at [...]

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Sr. Donna Henry 1997


Sister Donna Henry, 1912-1997Born June 9, 1912, Lexington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, August 10, 1934First Profession August 25, 1934Died April 30, 1997Sr. Donna was the youngest of five children. Her father was a policeman in Lexington and Sr. Donna had some interesting tales about those days. She was introduced to the Benedictine Sisters by Fr. Earl Bauer and entered St. Walburg Monastery in 1934Sr. Donna taught high school from 1943-1953. In 1953 she added library work to her teaching schedule. In 1961 she became the high school librarian at Holy Cross High School. From 1965-70 she was Associate Librarian at Villa [...]

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