Sr. Bernardine Haar 1997

Sr. Bernardine Haar 1997

Sister Bernardine Haar, 1918-1997

Born Jnauary 7, 1918, New Orleans, Louisiana
Entered St. Scholastica Priory, August 6, 1933
First Profession August 13, 1934
Transfered vows to St. Walburg Monastery, July 11, 1991
Died October 14, 1997

Sr. Bernardine was the oldest of seven children, five girls and two boys. She entered the community of St. Scholastica Priory when she was 14.

Sr. Bernardine spent 40 years in classroom teaching in various schools in Louisiana and Texas and then years in tutoring at St. Scholastica Priory. In addition to teaching she occasionally served as principal, cafeteria manager or organist for children’s liturgies. She was a champion jigsaw puzzle worker–the more complex the picture, the greater her enjoyment in the challenge. She was thoughtful, sending a personalized bag of goodies to anyone celebrating a special occasion.

As a diabetic, Sr. Bernardine had to be very careful of her food intake, but nothing could destroy her enjoyment of highly spiced New Orleans cuisine. For a number of years she suffered with cancer but a diagnosis of bone cancer heralded the end of her life.

Sr. Bernardine donated her body to science and giving the community a reflective pause and a modern insight to on St. Benedict’s admonition, “Even your body is not your own.”

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