Sr. Dolores Brueggen 1984


Sister Dolores Brueggen, 1897-1984Born November 26, 1897, Covington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, January 11, 1919First Profession March 31, 1921Died December 25, 1984Sr. Dolores Brueggen was born to Bernard and Catherine Bill Brueggen and given the name Agnes at her baptism. Agnes entered St. Walburg Monastery on January 11, 1919 and received the habit and a new name on September 24, 1919. Sr. Dolores made first profession on March 31, 1921 and final profession on March 31, 1924. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee on June 27, 1946; Golden on June 26, 1971 and Diamond on June 6, 1981.Sr. Dolores spent nearly fifty [...]

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Sr. Anselma Weibel 1984


Sister Anselma Weibel, 1901-1984Born July 7, 1901, Leipferdinger, Baden, GermanyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, December 8, 1923First Profession June, 1925Died October 26, 1984Sr. Anselma was born to Aloysius and Alberleta Elsaesser Wibel and given the name Maria at her baptism. Maria came to the United States and entered St. Walburg Monastery on December 8, 1923, receiving the habit and her new name on Jun28, 1925. Sr. Anselma made first profession in June, 1925 and final profession on June 30, 1928. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee on August 24, 1950 and Golden on June 15, 1975. Sr. Anselma was followed to the United [...]

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