Sr. Wendeline Burkard 1998

Sr. Wendeline Burkard 1998

Sister Wendeline Burkhard, 1908-1998

Born February 18, 1908, California, Kentucky
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, September 8, 1926.
First Profession August 24, 1928
Died September 24, 1998

Sr. Wendeline was baptized Julitta Anne and her only brother was name Wendel.. Her family moved to New Richmond, Ohio where they lived on a farm and operated a small general store. Eventually they moved to Covington and the winery at Monte Cassino. Julitta became friends with the Benedictine Sisters while attending and boarding at Villa Madonn Academy. She and her classmate, Sr. Judith Hock, remained lifelong friends.

Sr. Wendeline was an enthusiastic and innovative teacher all her life. In her early year from 1929 to 1952, she taught various grade levels. She was a Diocese of Covington education supervision from 1952 to1955. In 1955 she became involved in special education, the dominant interest of her teaching career. From 1955 to 1972 she served students with special needs at St. Aloysius and St. Patrick Schools and Mother of Good Counsel School which she began in 1961.

When she retired from classroom teaching, Sr. Wendeline started a new ministry, Wendover, a group home for young adults with mental or physical handicaps. Her optimism, energy, ability and intellectual interest stimulated herself and others throughout her life. her influence was great; her friends many. She received numerous awards, among them an Outstanding service to the Handicapped Award in 1978, A Woman of the Year Award from Northern Kentucky University and the Cincinnati/Kentucky Post in 1990 and the Thomas More Medal, a humanitarian award from Thomas More College in 1991.

Sr. Wendeline was a humble, joyful person, proud of her Benedictine heritage. In the early years of her retirement she loved to walk outdoors and to work with the soil. As her mobility lessened and she became more frail, she continued a presence at community prayer and activities.

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