Sr. Edward Sandheger 1998

Sr. Edward Sandheger 1998

Sister Edward Sandheger, 1909-1998

Born December 17, 1909, Bellevue, Kentucky
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, June 3, 1932
First Profession August 25, 1934
Died July 14, 1998

Margaret Clare was Sr. Edward’s baptismal name. She was the second youngest of ten children, seven girls and three boys. Growing up in Sacred Heart Parish, she developed a lifelong interest in sports. She and Sr. Marian Oldendick played basketball together on their school team.

She entered St. Walburg Monastery in 1933. From 1934 until 1995 Sr. Edward taught in nine different elementary schools in the Diocese of Covington. One year she had 72 first graders!

During her teaching years Sr. Edward formed many lasting friendships with teachers, students and parents. Her kindness, interest, and willingness to share contributed to these deep ties.

Sr. Edward’s big hobby was the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and everyone knew this. Her collection of memorabilia was vast. When the teachers at Blessed Sacrament school surprised her on her 80th birthday with a grand celebration at Riverfront Stadium, Sr. Edward threw out the first ball with the greatest of ease and aplomb. She was a constant recipient of tickers to the Reds’ game and she shared those tickets generously.

Sr. Edward started dialysis in February of 1998, but she did not allow herself to be hampered too much. During good and bad days, she was regular in her attendance at Eucharist, community prayer and activities and her baseball games. Just three weeks before her death, she spent a wonderful week with her nephew who was visiting from Virginia. She said he put one thousand miles on the truck during that time. They went from Indianapolis to Dayton to Falmouth, to family grave sites and old residence areas. She loved every minute and said she felt great. That week was a final blessing.

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