Sr. Maura Schneid 1935

Sr. Maura Schneid 1935

Sister Maura Schneid, 1967-1935

Born February 27, 1867, Megesheim, Baiern Germany
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, January 10, 1885
First Profession February 2, 1887
Died April 3, 1935

Sr. Marua Schneid was born to Jacob and Anna Hutter Schneid and given the name Maria at her baptism. Maria and her younger sister Margaret became postulants at St/. Walburg Monastery on January 19, 1885. Maria received the habit and her new name on February 25, 1886. Margaret became Sr. Placid that same day. Sr. Maura made first profession on February 26, 1887 and final profession on August 13, 1890. Another sister, Sr. Flavia came to the community later.

Sr. Maura spent her first years at St. Walburg but in 1901 she was sent to St. John Orphanage to take charge of the young boys. she spent thirty years in that capacity. Poor health required that she return to the motherhouse where she helped out as possible. Although she suffered from a constellation of health problems, her death was quite sudden. Until the day before her death on April 3, 1935, she was assisting in the kitchen.

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