Sr. Martina Arnold 2012


Sister Martina Arnold, 1923-2012 Born November 12, 1923, Covington, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery, December 27, 1942 Received habit, June 29, 1943 First Profession, June 30, 1944 Died December 20, 2012             Sister Martina Arnold, OSB was born to Joseph W. and Mary Christina (Schwartz) Arnold in Covington, KY on November 12, 1923 and named Loraine Florence at her baptism. Loraine was the second youngest of 15 children, four boys and eleven girls, all of whom are deceased. Loraine attended St. John School for eight years then moved to St. Benedict Commercial where she met the Benedictine Sisters. On December 27, 1942 [...]

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Sr. Carla Cook 2012


Sister Carla Cook Born October 1, 1920, Latonia, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery September 8, 1941 Received habit, June 29, 1942 Made First Profession, June 30, 1943 Died March 7, 2012           Sister Carla Cook, OSB was born to Carl and Lucille French Cook on October 1, 1920 and given the name Rosemary at her baptism. Mr. Cook’s first wife had died, leaving three young daughters who were Rosemary’s half-sisters; two brothers followed her into the family. The Cooks belonged to Holy Cross Parish where Rosemary attended school for twelve years and became familiar with the Benedictine Sisters. After graduation she worked [...]

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Sr. Regis Egger 2012


Sister Regis Egger Born April 3, 1916, Fruitvale (Grand Junction), Colorado Entered St. Walburg Monastery January 10, 1940 Received habit, June 28, 1940 Made First Profession, June 30, 1941 Died April 16, 2012             Sister Regis Egger, OSB, was born to Joseph and Mary Magdalena Friedman Egger on April 3, 1916  at (Fruitvale) Grand Junction, CO  and given the name Loretta Frances at her baptism. Seventeen children,  seven boys and ten girls, were born to the Egger family, three of  whom died in infancy.  The area where the  Eggers lived was mountainous, beautiful country where hard work was a necessity.  In her [...]

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