Sr. Juanita Federico 2009


Sister Juanita Federico, 1919-2009 Born November 14, 1919, New Orleans, Louisiana Entered St. Scholastica Priory, Covington, Louisiana, July 3, 1935 Received habit, January 20, 1936 First Profession April 8, 1937 Transferred her vow of stability to St. Walburg Monastery July 11, 1991 Died February 17, 2009 Sister Juanita Federico, OSB was born in New Orleans, LA on November 4, 1919 to Francis J. and Juanita Cearns Federico and given the name Audrey Rita at her baptism. Audrey was one of six children-two girls and four boys. Joseph, Herbert and Anthony preceded her in death; Juanita Richardson and Charles survive. The Benedictine [...]

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Sr. Joseph Ruschmann 2009


Sister Joseph Ruschmann, 1911-2009 Born April 29, John's Hill, Kentucky Entered St. Walburg Monastery August 10, 1934 Received habit, August 13, 1935 First Profession August 14, 1936 Died December 28, 2009  Sister Joseph Ruschmann, OSB  was born in John’s Hill, Kentucky on April 29, 1911 to Joseph and Clara Motz Ruschmann and given the name Lillian at her baptism. Lillian was second oldest of eleven children—nine girls and two boys, one of whom, William, died in childhood. The oldest girl became Sister Clara, CDP, now deceased. Two others became Sisters Agnes and David, OSB. Three others are residents at Madonna Manor. [...]

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