Sr. Mark Fedders 1981


Sister Mark Fedders, 1905-1981Born September 30, 1905, Covington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, August 2, 1927First Profession February 10, 1929Died November 1, 1981Sr. Mark Fedders was born to Frank and Mary Schiffer Fedders and given the name Lucy at her baptism. Lucy was one of eleven children, six girls and five boys. Two boys became Maryknoll Missionaries--Bishop Edward Fedders in Peru and Father Albert Fedders in China; three girls became Benedictine sisters: Sr. Viola, Sr. Marcella and Lucy. She entered St. Walburg Monastery on August 2, 1927. She received the habit and her new name on Feburary 9, 1928. Sr. Mark made [...]

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Sr. Ursula Siemer 1981


Sister Ursula Siemer, 1893-1981Born August 7, 1893, Bellevue, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, July 30, 1918First Profession February 10, 1920Died December 26, 1981Sr. Ursula Simer was born to Fred and Mary Connolly Siemer and given the name Mary at her baptism. Mary was one of seven children, five girls and two boys. Clara entered St. Walburg Monastery on June 30, 1918 and received the habit and a new name on December 31, 1918. Sr. Ursula made first profession on February 10, 1920 and final profession on February 8, 1923. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee on June 27, 1945; Golden on June 13, [...]

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Sr. Euphrasia Von Hoene 1981


Sister Euphrasia Von Hoene, 1898-1981Born December 14, 1898, Covington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, February 25, 1932First Profession August 25, 1933Died February 2, 1981Sr. Euphrasia Von Hoene was born to John and Mary Dressman Von Hoene and given the name Mary Anne at her baptism. Mary Anne had four sisters and three brothers. She entered St. Walburg Monastery on February 25, 1932 and became Sr. Euphrasia on August 24, 1932. She made first profession on August 25, 1933 and final profession on August 25, 1936. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee on June 14, 1958.Many sisters remember Sr. Euphrasia's rich alto voice which [...]

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