Sr. Adelgunda Platz 1960


Sister Adelgunda Platz, 1882-1960Born January 25, 1882, Allegheny, PennsylvaniaEntered St. Walburg Monastery, November 14, 1906First Profession August 10, 1908Died December 28, 1960Sr. Adelgunda Platz was born to Christopher and Maria Dohrer Platz and given the name Louise at her baptism. Louise entered St. Walburg Monastery on November 14, 1906 and received the habit and her new name on March 21, 1907. Sr. Adelgunda made first profession on August 10, 1908 and final profession on December 29, 1911. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 1933 and Golden in 1958.Sr. Adelgunda taught at the following schools:St. Walburg Academy (Grades 2 & 3) 1907-08St. Benedict (Grades [...]

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Sr. Celestine Meyer 1960


Sister Celestine Meyer, 1883-1960Born June 13, 1883, Covington, KentuckyEntered St. Walburg Monastery, August 14, 1913First Profession March 22, 1915Died January 1, 1960Sr. Celestine Meyer was born to Joseph and Theresa Brickweg Meyer and given the name Frances at her baptism. Frances entered St. Walburg Monastery on August 14, 1913 and received the habit and her new name on March 21, 1914. Sr. Celestine made first profession on March 22, 1915 and final profession on April 1, 1918.During the greater part of her religious life, Sr. Celestine bake altar breads for local churches and serve as sacristan at the motherhouse. About three [...]

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