Sr. Stanislaus Sievert 1936


Sister Stanislaus Sievert, 1860-1936 Born May 1, 1860, Cincinnati, Ohio Entered St. Walburg Monastery, July 21, 1878 First Profession January 1, 1880 Died April 17, 1936 Sr. Stanislaus Sievert was born to Johan and Dorothy Sievert and given the name Mary at her baptism. Mary was an excellent student and a gifted musician at St. Walburg Academy. Three years after leaving school, she returned to St. Walburg Monastery, becoming a postulant on July 21, 1878. Mary received the habit and her new name on November 21, 1878. She professed first vows on January 1, 1880 and final profession on February 10, [...]

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Sr. Dorothy Seifert 1936


Sister Dorothy Seifert, 1856-1936 Born September 22, 1856, Tiffin, Ohio Entered St. Walburg Monastery, May 1, 1891 First Profession March 21, 1893 Died May 24, 1936 Sr. Dorothy Seifert was born to Philip and Susanna Firz Seifert and given the name Margaret at her baptism. Margaret entered St. Walburg Monastery on May 1, 1891 and received the habit and her new name on March 21, 1892. Sr. Dorothy made first profession on March 21, 1893 and final profession on August 2, 1896. Sr. Dorothy served the community as housekeeper at the following missions: St. Benedict 1893-96 Holy Angles, Birmingham, Alabama 1896-1902 [...]

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