Sr. Berenice Byron 2004

Sr. Berenice Byron 2004


Sister Berenice Byron, 1920-2004

Born March 16, 1920, Louisville, Kentucky
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, September 18, 1938
First Profession June 29, 1940
Died May 4, 2004

Sr. Berenice was born in Louisville, Kentucky to William and Catherine Linehan Byron and given the name Mary Dorothy at her baptism. She was one of twelve children-ten boys and two girls. Her only sister, Catherine Berenice, died in 1937, just one year before Dorothy entered St. Walburg Monastery.

Dorothy received the habit and her new name of Sister Berenice on March 21, 1939. She made first profession on June 29, 1940 and perpetual profession on that same day three years later.

From 1941-1968 Sr. Berenice taught children of every grade level, except the first. In 1968 she took the position of Acquisitions Librarian at Thomas More College where she served the next twenty-eight years. She enjoyed her work at the college and the friends she met there. A good friend, Dr. Sudhir Sen, visited her regularly in the infirmary after she retired from the college in 1998.

Sr. Berenice was a private person whose teaching style was stern. The boys she taught handled this style better than many of the girls. Community members also experienced her stern character but found her to be caring and fun-loving as well. Failing eyesight was the principal reason she left the college. In her last years Sr. Berenice was totally blind and seldom left her infirmary room but she was always happy to receive visitors. Sr. Berenice deeply loved her family from Louisville, and their visit the Sunday before her death must have brought her much comfort.

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