Sr. Hilarine Deavy 2003

Sr. Hilarine Deavy 2003

Sister Hilarine Deavy, 1917 -2003

Born July 9, 1917, Covington, Kentucky
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, December 27, 1936
First Profession June 29, 1938
Died December 18, 2003


Although Sr. Hilarine’s father was born in Wales, she claimed Irish descent on both sides. Her bright blue eyes proudly asserted this heritage. She was one of eight children, three of whom died in very early childhood. She became acquainted with the Benedictine Sisters in the seventh grade when her family moved to Southgate where she attended St. Therese School. She entered St Walburg Monastery in 1936.

From 1938 until 1992 Sr. Hilarine was involved in the education of children either as a classroom teacher or as a principal. As a teacher and principal, Sr. Hilarine was remembered fondly for her lively interest, her kindness and her Irish wit.

Faithful to prayer and community, Sr. Hilarine was an easy person to live with. A gradual deterioration of health brought her to residence in the infirmary where nurses and aides delighted in caring for her. The nurses made efforts to coordinator her slippers, socks and robes and those efforts were noticeable especially on the days she wore blue. Her eyes were always bright and expressive even as she found it difficult to communicate. Death came peacefully on December 18, 2003 as sisters gathered and prayed with her.

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