Sr. Lillian Goeke 1996

Sr. Lillian Goeke 1996

Sister Lillian Goeke, 1903-1996

Born April 2, 1903, Newport, Kentucky
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, August 20, 1921
First Profession June 26, 1923
Died March 23, 1996

Sr. Lillian was born to John Bernard and Margaret Heitzmann Goeke and given the name Evelyn Margaret. She first met the Benedictine Sisters when her sister Dorothy attended Villa Madonna Academy boarding school for a brief period. It was love at first sight and Evelyn entered St. Walburg Monastery in 1921.

An excellent teacher, Sr. Lillian shared her love of science with students at Villa Madonna Academy (1925-27; 1928-31; 1932-47). She also taught and served as librarian at Holy Cross High School (1931-32; 1965-72) and St. Henry High School (1953-55; 1960-65). From 1947-50 she worked at creating a film library at Villa Madonna College as well as serving as librarian assistant from 1955-60. Sr. Lillian was house superior at St. John Orphanage from 1950-53. When the Diocesan Religious Education Department was established, Sr. Lillian initiated the lending of tapes, books, visual aids to many teachers. After 1978 she was monastery librarian and volunteered at the Covington Community Center. For many years she was an active member of Church Women United.

Sr. Lillian was Benedictine to the core. She was faithful to the common life, to the community. The encouragement and support she gave to younger members of the community was invaluable, especially during the period of great change. Loyal to the church, obedient and stable in her community, steadfast in her beliefs, she nevertheless was an open and independent thinker. Even in her last years she exuded this quality.

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