Sr. Judith Hock 1994

Sr. Judith Hock 1994

Sister Judith Hock, 1907-1994

Born August 20, 1907, Norwood, Ohio
Entered St. Walburg Monastery, February 10, 1932
First Profession August 25, 1933
Died December 15, 1994

Sr. Judith’s baptismal name was Naomi. She graduated from Villa Madonna Academy in 1925. After she recovered from a long term illness, she entered St. Walburg Monastery in February, 1932.

Sr. Judith served as a teacher and a high school principal from 1937-1959. She spent two years as an assistant registrar and professor at Villa Madonna College and then taught and was principal at Villa Madonna Academy from 1961-1968. From 1968 until her retirement in 1982, she was a professor in the English department of Thomas More College.

During her active years, Sr. Judith enjoyed driving a car, traveling and learning new things. She always liked animals, especially cats. Inactivity was difficult for her. Her good friend and VMA classmate, Sr. Wendeline, encouraged her as only a good friend could do.

After broken bones and hospital stays, Sr. Judith was confined to a wheelchair or an electric three-wheeled cart. She enjoyed the cart but was sometimes dangerous with it, and people learned to clear the hallways when they saw her coming.

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