Benedictine Oblates

Benedictine Oblates

Mission Statement

The Benedictine Oblates of St. Walburg Monastery

We, the Benedictine Oblates, of St. Walburg Monastery, Covington, Kentucky, are Christian women and men living out our Baptismal Promises. Our Covenant is to truly seek God with single-hearted faith according to the vision of St. Benedict and Scholastica.

Through our various lifestyles, we witness to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. By our sharing, service and celebration. In prayer work and study, we bond together with the Benedictine Sisters in faith, hope and love in our search for holiness and wholeness.

We endeavor to live simply and contemplatively in the midst of a changing world and an evolving church as models of hope and joy, evangelizing by our very lives.

We seek God by daily conversion, open and obedient to the creative changes that the Holy Spirit calls forth in us. Like Jesus, we hope to be lovers and listeners, making ourselves vulnerable as he did. Through this Gospel commitment we strive to be compassionate friends of the powerless by taking responsibility for local and global change to effect justice, peace and unity in the world community.

Benedictine Oblates St. Walburg Monastery October, 1991
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